Carpe Diem
(A Shakespearean Sonnet)

by Dolores Esteban


All things must pass and time is a-flying
A tale of woe. Alas, how sad a fate!
Short is my life, and my love is dying
My life is withered; my laments too late

Thy beloved face I see and close my eyes
Gone are those happy days of fair a light
Thy love I lost due to mischievous lies
A storm is raging; it is forev'r night

All things must pass and time is a-flying
Thy sweet face’s but my saddened mind’s display
Night’s upon my soul; my heart is crying
Too late, alas, I failed to seize the day

This is my tale. Do not bewail my lot
Cherish thy life and the good things you got

© 2009 Dolores Esteban


First published at GA Gay Authors - Gay Quality Fiction