Stories, Plays, and Poetry

by Dolores Esteban



Science Fiction:   
Space Pioneer 1
Space Pioneer 2 - The Titan Plot
Space Pioneer 3 - The Yanara Archives
Space Pioneer 4 - Akar Kazbek
Space Pioneer 5 - Nephthys

Cold Case
The Game

The Ultimate Truth
Absolute Zero (22 Hours from Now)

Aglanthol 1 - The Legend of Khaalindaan  
Aglanthol 2 - Side Stories (The Legend of Murdock etc.) 
Aglanthol 3 - The Castle of Saelethiel (The Law Cannot be Shaken) 
Aglanthol 4 - Tyrnae (Journey to the Otherworld) 

The Prophecy
The Guardian (Keeper of the Truth) (1590)

Play Favourites (King Edward and His Favourite Men) (1314)

Short Stories

The Lake (Modern)
Prisoner of the Past (Modern)
Pale Moon Rising (Science Fiction)
Peter Abelard (A Man's Turmoil) (1118)
Edmond (1804/1805)
Ghost of a Chance (1821)
All Flowers Grow (Fairy Tale)
Elethiel (Fairy Tale)

Poems and Plays

The Picture Wheel (A Poem in Three Parts)

Under the Sun (Ancient Persia)
Edward II (Lament of the King) (14th century) 

Carpe Diem (A Shakespearean Sonnet)
Bona Fide
(A Shakespearean Sonnet)
Ad Finem (A Shakespearean Sonnet)

Till Death Do Us Part (1820) (Play)
Good & Evil - A Play in Four Acts (1820) (Play)


All stories, poems, and other works first published at GA Gay Authors - Gay Quality Fiction