The Picture Wheel

by Dolores Esteban



Says the man who has grown old

I have seen all under the sun
But a wise man I have not become
I've only learned that all is vain
Unimportant, simple, plain

What goes up, must come down
What's out of sight again comes around
One thing ends while the same thing begins
All this is vanity, chasing after wind

Every thought will be thought again
And every word said by another man
Every deed soon enough will be done once more
And every truth is a lie and nothing but lore

The same old game is played a thousand times by man
The same old song is sung again and yet again
Night follows day and rivers flow from source to sea
Like it was in the beginning and forever it will be

People are born, they all grow, age and die
And while they live they want a piece of the pie
Every child, woman and each man, simple or king
All this is vanity, chasing after wind

When on the threshold to the world beyond
People lament that soon they'll be gone
For the briefest of time others will mourn their death
And then life moves on as it always has

All that remains is a vague memory
Of a man who once lived among you and me
His face is a shadow that will fade over time
His name is an echo in the back of our minds

All this is vanity, unimportant and plain
Everything's transient and will not remain
You can't escape death however fast you run
And you won't find a new thing under the sun


Says the child

A kaleidoscope is a magical thing
That makes me wonder and my heart sing
Each time I look inside and turn it in my hand
It shows something new, beautiful and grand

Each turn, the bits are swirling around
Like colourful snowflakes whirling to the ground
And when all pieces have fallen into place
The kaleidoscope shows me a pattern of grace

I love the kaleidoscope and the joy it brings
It turns bits and pieces into wonderful things
It's never the same, each pattern is new
Every picture is beautiful and stunning, too

There's so much to discover, there's so much to see
The magical kaleidoscope is enchanting me
Don't you want to give it a try? Come and attempt
The trick is easy: just look and turn it in your hand


Says the man who has grown wise

The game grew old; you played it far too many times
Same with the song; you're bored and tired of the rhymes
The pictures and patterns once enticing and new
Now make you feel old and just bother you

Take a step back and stop playing this game
Stop gazing at patterns that make you insane
The pictures intrigued you, but they are not real
The kaleidoscope is just a picture wheel

So, what is real? you're wondering in despair
Real are your eyes that at patterns do stare
Real is your hand that holds on tightly to the tool
The wheel you madly turn to play this game of fools

The kaleidoscope is a magical thing
Enjoy it as long as joy it brings
But once you get bored, give it away
And let the real world add joy to your day

Eat and drink and love your mate
Play your own game, your own song create
Live your own life and above all have fun
Because you are what is new under the sun

© 2013 Dolores Esteban


First published at GA Gay Authors - Gay Quality Fiction